Faculty Tutorials

UST offers some self-paced Blackboard tutorials designed to help you learn how to accomplish common tasks. Check back frequently for additional tutorials. If you have any questions concerning Blackboard training, please contact us at tsstraining@stthom.edu

These tutorials are PDF files and will require Adobe Reader.

Tutorial Topics

Getting Started with BB 9

Adding a Test Student
Adding My Messages Module
Announcements: Linking to Other Places
Browser Tester
Bb Intro Home Page Interface
Control Panel
Course Contextual Menus
Course Copy (coming soon)
Course Home Page Interface
Course List Module - Show and Hide Course
Drag & Drop
Edit Mode
Modifying and Deleting Announcements
Modules: Adding, Removing, Managing
Modules: Adding and Removing
Notifications Dashboard
Posting Announcements: Options
Sending Email
Setting Tool Availability
Theme Personalization
Visual Text Editor


Adding a Test Student
Enrolling Users
Making Users Unavailable
Managing Users
Roles & Privileges
Viewing Student Enrollments

Course Content

Adding Assessments
Adding Course Content
Adding Course Menu Items
Adding Content Folders
Adding Content Items
Adding Files
Adding Learning Modules
Adding Links to External Websites
Adding Tools
Attaching a File to an Item
Building Content
Content Availability and Options
Create a Mashup
Deleting Content Items, Files, Links
Editing Content Items, Files, Links
File Size Guidelines
Hiding Item Details
Text Editor Box

Course Calendar

Adding Events
Adding Calendar Links to Course Menu
Calendar Overview
Deleting Events
Editing Events
Recurring Events

Assignment Tools

Allowing Additional Attempts
Assignment Inline Grading
Creating a Manual Assignment
Creating an Assignment
Downloading Assignments for Manual Grading
Grading Anonymously
Grading Group Assignments
Grading Individual Assignments
How Students Submit
Needs Grading
Other Buttons
Sending Graded Assignments Back to Students
Viewing Graded Assignments
Viewing Group Assignments
Viewing Individual Assignments

Discussion Board

Accessing Discussion Board
Changing Thread Display
Changing Thread Status
Collecting Threads
Creating Forums
Creating Threads
Deleting Forums and Threads
Disabling Grading
Editing Forums
Editing Threads
Emailing Users
Enabling Grading
Enabling Group Discussion Boards
Filtering Threads
Forum Settings
Grading Forum Participation
Grading Thread Participation
Group Discussion Board Settings
Linking to DB from a Content Item
Linking to DB from the Course Menu
Making Group Discussion Boards Unavailable
Moderating Forums
Reordering Forums
Replying to Threads
Sorting Threads
Thread Detail Page
Using List and Tree View
Video Everywhere
Viewing the Discussion Board Page
Viewing a Discussion Forum
Viewing Discussion Board Statistics


Commenting on a Blog Post
Creating a Blog
Creating a Blog Post
Editing a Blog


Changing Availability of a Journal
Commenting on a Journal
Creating a Journal
Creating a Journal Entry
Deleting a Journal
Editing a Journal


Change Availablity
Creating a Wiki
Creating a Wiki Page
Deleting Wikis and Wiki Pages
Editing a Wiki
Viewing Details

Assessment Tools

Adding Questions to Pool
Adding Questions to Survey
Creating Random Blocks
Editing a Survey
Making Survey Available
Using Pool Manager
Using Survey Manager
Viewing Survey Statistics

Other Tools

Collaborate: Virtual Classroom
Customizing Course Properties
Date Management
Date Management Options
Making Email Available to Students
Sending Email from Blackboard
​Setting Tool Availability


Creating a Test
Creating Test Questions
Creating Question Sets
Editing a Test
Exporting and Importing Tests
Item Analysis
Making a Test Available
Test Options
Uploading Test Questions
Viewing and Grading Tests
Viewing Test Statistics

Grade Center

Accessing Full Grade Center
Applying Categories to Columns
Changing/Overriding Grades From the Grade Details Page
Copying and Deleting Grade Schemas
Creating Average Calculated Columns
Creating Categories
Creating Grade Columns
Creating Grade Schemas
Creating Min/Max Columns
Creating Reports
Creating SmartViews
Creating Total Columns
Creating Weighted Columns
Downloading a Grade Center Spreadsheet
Editing/Copying/Deleting SmartViews
Editing Categories
Editing Grade Schemas
Emailing Within Grade Center
Entering Grades
Entering Grades From Grade Details Page
Grade History
Grade Center Overview
Grade Schemas: Overview
Manually Changing/Overriding Grades
Needs Grading
Organizing Grade Center
SmartViews: Overview
Uploading a Grade Center Spreadsheet

Group Management

Overview: Groups
Editing Groups
Exporting Groups
Creating Group Assignments
Group Views
Home Page Tools
Importing Groups
My Group View
Navigating Group Page
Sets: Manual Enroll
Sets: Random Enroll
Sets: Self-Enroll
Settings and Creation
Single Groups: Manual Enroll
Single Groups: Self-Enroll


Applying Rubrics in Grade Center
Copying and Editing Rubrics
Creating Rubrics
Editing the Rubric Grid
Exporting Rubrics
Grading Using Rubrics
Importing Rubrics
Printing Rubric
Running a Rubric Evaluation Report
Viewing a Rubric While Grading
Viewing Associated Content

Retention Center

Creating Rules
Customizing Retention Center
Deleting Rules
Modifying Rules
Retention Center Overview
Retention Center Page

Portfolios and Artifacts

Commenting on Portfolios
Creating Portfolio Assignments
Downloading Portfolios
Saving Assignments as Artifacts
Sharing Portfolios
Viewing Artifacts
Viewing Portfolios
Viewing Shared Portfolios

Social Learning Tools

Creating a Profile
Social Learning Course Structure