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Criminology, Law and Society

Criminology, Law and Society focuses on the problem of crime and on understanding the social, cultural, political, and economic forces that interact with the law. Courses present overviews of legal systems with particular emphasis on criminal and juvenile justice, forms of criminal behavior, the role of law in understanding social and psychological phenomena, and the applications of sociological theory in understanding law and legal systems.

Students are provided with opportunities to become acquainted with the varieties of behavior that society chooses to control or regulate; the methods and institutions used to achieve that control or regulation, and the approaches aimed specifically at altering sanctioned behavior. 

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Career Opportunities

Graduates may pursue careers in criminal justice and regulatory agencies, in public policy organizations, and in social services organizations, in law and legal services or in a wide variety of other areas. The degree also provides excellent preparation for law school and for graduate study in sociology, psychology, law, criminology, criminal justice, and other programs. Specific career opportunities include:

  • FBI
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Border Patrol
  • District Attorney
  • Public Defender
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Police Officer

While taking courses, students will also complete internships in relevant organizations such as:

  • Criminal investigators
  • District Attorney’s Offices
  • Federal agencies
  • Juvenile hall and camp
  • Legislative offices
  • Police departments
  • Private legal firms
  • Probation and parole agencies
  • Public defenders' offices

Sr. Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking“I gave a talk at a Criminology, Law & Society event at the University of St. Thomas. There is a wonderful spirit in this school; it’s a great place to get your degree. There is a community there, like a family where you can really learn. They help you to develop your gifts, so that whatever you do in your life, you will believe in your own gifts. Think about St. Thomas; it will be a great way for you to prepare for your future.”

Sr. Helen Prejean
Author of Dead Man Walking

Students who complete this program will demonstrate:
  • An understanding of the criminal justice system and its components, e.g. Police, Courts, and Corrections.
  • An understanding of criminological theories and their application to contemporary law and society.
  • An ability to integrate and apply analytical skills and substantive knowledge to specific topics and/or problems in criminology, law and society.
  • An ability to use skills in critical thinking, synthesis and analysis, of informational sources about policing, criminal law, corrections, leadership, applied research, and social justice.
  • Knowledge of the role of ethics, morals, and values in the field of criminology and social doctrine of the Catholic Church.
  • An understanding of applied research methodologies.

Criminology, Law and Society, B.A.


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Dr. Michael Kane
Chair of Criminology, Law & Society Department